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Re: Sendmail refuses remote connections

On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 07:32:58AM -0500, Joseph Barillari wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm running OpenBSD 3.0 with a vanilla sendmail.cf. rc.conf has the
> default sendmail_flags line:
> sendmail_flags="-L sm-mta -C/etc/mail/localhost.cf -bd -q30m",

Look at the line above. You are running sendmail with a vanilla
localhost.cf, _not_ sendmail.cf.

> and sendmail is running:
> $ps -auxw | grep sendmail
> root      6344  0.0  2.1   840   684 ??  Ss    Thu10AM    2:02.06 \
> 	  sendmail: accepting connections (sendmail)
> When I telnet to localhost port 25, I can send SMTP commands to
> sendmail -- all seems well.

Seems quite reasonable considering that it's running under localhost.cf

> But when I try to connect to port 25 from another machine, the
> connection is refused. Is sendmail configured by default to refuse
> remote connections? Where can I change this?

Read "Sendmail" section of "man afterboot". You were supposed to do this
after install. And read the comment in /etc/rc.conf exactly above the
sendmail line you mentioned at the beginning. It says:

# For normal use: "-L sm-mta -bd -q30m"
sendmail_flags="-L sm-mta -C/etc/mail/localhost.cf -bd -q30m"

> Thanks,

You're welcome,

Zvezdan Petkovic <zvezdan_(_at_)_cs_(_dot_)_wm_(_dot_)_edu>

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