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Re: ftp connection delay

add your connecting clients to the /etc/hosts file on the openbsd server

On Monday 17 December 2001 11:00 pm, you wrote:
> Greetz, misc.
> I have OBSD 2.9/ftpd 6.5 running on a Generic kernel.  Ftpd has been
> responding smoothly since the server has been up.  I am serving anonymous
> connections to my internal lan and to the outside world through my Cisco
> 678 router.  Both connections are functioning similarly, in respect to my
> issue.
> I noticed today that connections are being serviced extremely slowly,
> sometimes taking 10 seconds to bring up a login prompt.
> Incidentally, when trying to SSH into this server, the user authentication
> is taking the same amount of time.
> Before, I could pull up the site in around a second.
> Any ideas why the sudden lag in establishing a connection?  It happens from
> 2 different clients internally, and we are on a very underused 100 Mb
> network internally.
> Hope that is enough info ;)

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