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Re: OpenBSD 3.0 SCSI support

How long one gets OBSD as it is depends on how one contributes to the
project.  We hear people relate Theo and OpenBSD as if OpenBSD lives on
the Theo.  But the fact is Theo lives on OpenBSD both mentally and
financially.  From the articulation of Theo's remarks over time, one can
see clearly Theo doesn't desire to take OpeBSD project his personal
asset, nor do other developers.  OpenBSD is nothing but a global joint
effort and public domain, protected by Theo and others so it can go on. 
A user like me, on the other hand, is just to try to help the project so
it is available before I bow out on Earth.  The ETD (estimated time of
departure) is in about 40 years.  Dont know it's a "Who wants to live
forever" or "Stairways to Heaven"? LoL!  

On Fri, 14 Dec 2001 17:26:32 -0700
"Darren Spruell" <Darren_Spruell_(_at_)_sento_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> true enough.  
> I can relate with our poster though... i'm not so clear on exactly what
> info I should be grabbing most of the time myself.. newbie world I
> guess, get flamed for ignorance and learn from it.  It's all good.
> BTW, since I see Theo posting... in yours (Theo/everyone's) opinion, is
> OpenBSD something we can count on being around for a while?  I think it
> is a great OS and I want to see them succeed.  I have contributed with
> the purchase of 3.0 CDs also. ;)  How is OpenBSD doing
> potential-wise/future-wise?

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