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Re: console - telnet - COM1

> Hello,
> I have to questions more or less related.
> 1) I want to telnet from my OBSD to my router using a console cable.
> When I use TeraTerm on Windows, I just telnet to COM1. How do I do this
> with the telnet command ?

Maybe you should install minicom (a terminal emulator) and use that.

> 2) I want to connect my laptop to my OBSD server as a management
> console. I just had a quick try, still with TeraTerm, but got nothing on
> screen, connecting through COM1. The idea would be to have the OBSD
> server with no keyboard or screen connected. I also have a sub question
> for this, I assume it would be possible to disable the telnet server on
> the Ethernet interface, therefore not allowing telnet connection on the
> IP address, and allowing it on the serial port.

I'm not sure if you even can do that with the telnet daemon, the
idiomatic way to do that on freenix systems is to run getty on a
serial port. Put something like this to /etc/ttys:

tty00   "/usr/libexec/getty std.38400"  vt100   on local

You'll have to use the matching terminal settings on your laptop
for this to work, for example the line is set to 38400 bps here. 

Risto Varanka | http://www.helsinki.fi/~rvaranka/		

> Thanks for your help.
> F.

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