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Re: "Using Disk: 0 Partition: 3" problem


Thanks for sharing the information. That's very interesting, and also making me want to kick myself in the butt for not thinking of the floppy. I'll try that one right away.

Could you keep me updated if you have any "break through"?   I'll do the same.


I'm having more or less the same problem, but I've gotten bit farther than you. I don't have any RAID cards, but I'm 100% SCSI. Your symptoms are very much like mine, so I don't think it's the RAID cards per se; it's booting in general. I've found that if I boot from a floppy and then specify the hard drive at the second stage boot prompt, it works just fine - the kernel and everything comes up from the HD.

I have a much older revision of the BIOS on one of my 440GX+ machines, and it boots just fine from start to finish - only my "newer" BIOS machines fail. I don't have them in front of me, or I'd give the revision numbers. I'm hoping sometime this week to downgrade the BIOS on my newer motherboards so that it boots.

<sigh> I wish Sparc hardware was this cheap and fast. I never have any problems on my Sun 4m machines with OpenBSD; it "just works".


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