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ipsec V ssh/scp/sftp

I really can't find any FAQs or pages that answer my question (believe
me, I've looked. Asbestos undies are best left in storage) so here goes

I have a box a few thousand km away. The nature of the machines job requires
that I send gzip'd logs back to myself for safe keeping in case of a failure
in another part of our network (we can reconstitute our state with the logs)
Intel at both ends, no hardware crypto acceleration, GENERIC kernels.

Using a cron'd scp job, the files come to me at about 70KB/sec.

If I were to use IPSec between the boxes and use ftp or other unencrypted
protocol would I get more or less speed compared to scp?  Normally I would
just stick to scp but the large sizes (many gigs) of the transfers has me
thinking about ways to speed up the process.  PGPing the files and xfering
via ftp is not an option.



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