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OpenBSD & Qwest.net

Last night I just recieved my Cisco 678 DSL Modem and setup my account with 
qwest.net where I have the basic  dsl deluxe service with them as the isp 

Since I allready have been using my OpenBSD firewall/gateway for my dialup 
ISP I just hooked the dsl modem into the second ethernet card and configured 
the modem per qwests instructions.  Now things get kinda ugly :)

My current network layout as of last night goes somthing like this:

Qwest.net ppp assinged ip  <-- Cisco 678 modem with Nat enabled ->   
--- <--- OBSD Firewall/Gateway with NAT --->  --- 
Internal Network (

As you can see I'm doing a double NAT from the internet to my internal 
network, initially configured because qwest.net requires ppp for 
authentication.  Even though it works, it's kind of an ugly hack.

What I'd like to do is switch the dsl modem to bridge mode and handle the ppp 
authentication on the OBSD box (PPPoE?), and letting it handle all the 
routing and nat etc.

Anyone know if this is even possible with their service, or will I have to 
switch to a new ISP that allows bridging on the modem?  and if possible 
someone willing to give me a few pointers on the setup, as of yet I've never 
had the chance to play with PPPoE or PPPoA before.