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Re: web interface to control ppp?

On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 10:24:16PM -0800, Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> Caveat: I've not used OpenBSD with PPP.  But I'm going to
> take a wild ass guess that you can tell PPP to only start
> when a certain port is used (to keep DNS lookups from
> triggering it).

Good guess :)  "set filter dial" is documented in ppp(8).

> In that case, you can just have a CGI
> script do a connect on port, say, 26.  Unused, but you
> will tell PPP to start only on a connection on port 26.

One can also use pppctl(8) to control ppp connections when 
"set server" is used in ppp.conf.