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RE: pmsi0 vs. wsmouse ? Fixed ?

I'm using 3.0 w/ XF86 4.x through a Belkin Omni View 4-Port
KVM with no problems at all.
FYI my dmesg says:
wsmouse0 at pms0 mux 0
I do not have any reference to /dev/pms* either.


>>> W.D.McKinney 12/07/01 02:46PM >>>
Seems as though wsmouse connected to a Belkin Omni Cube 2-Port pukes
so that was my problem. Anyone else using 3.0 w/XF86 4 through a KVM ?


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Subject: pmsi0 vs. wsmouse ?

Well my CD's arrived via snail mail finally and no anthrax :-)
But after loading up my test machine, I am undable to get my
Logitech Mouse Man to come up and work under XF4. 
It's using wsmouse currently and is too jerky to be usable.

I see dmesg report :

wsmouse at pmsi0 port 0x61

I see no reference to an /dev/pms* device in /dev ?

I thought something like 
# ln -fs /dev/pmsi0 /dev/mouse 

would be right thing to fix the mouse problem ?


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