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I was looking through filesystem code (out of both boredom and

and noticed line 502, in kernfs_vnops.c:
vap->va_ctime = vap->va_ctime;

Which, obviously does nothing and gets optimized away by the compiler.
My question (more to aid my understanding than anything else) is whether
that leaves the ctime uninitialized, or if the value I'm seeing is
something else I haven't noticed perusing the code.

$ perl -e 'print -C "/kern/version"'

is this basically a hint that the file isn't real (although I'd have
thought a ctime of 0 (ala the mtime, and atime), would hint more
strongly at that).

Anyway, it's 3:20, and I guess, I'm being a fool, but right now i'm just

perl -e 'print -M $_, "\n" for (</kern/*>)'

somtimes shows negative values such as  "-1.15740740740741e-05"

Again, assuming this is correct behavior, and due to something I'm not
think about, I'd be interested to here what it is, and why. 

The machine in question is a p150, running -current from 12/9.

I'm guessing in both cases, I missed something obvious.
But thought i'd ask.

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