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Re: strange processes + randowm reboots!

Hi All:

   OpenBSD, Linux and other unix type OS's seem to be far more
sensitive to Bad Ram than Windows. Perhaps this is because they
actually USE the memory.

I can't count the times that i've rejected Ram or hardware that would
run Windows in building a BSD or Linux Box. Bad ram must always be
suspected when there are odd unexplainable problems.

Running windows on a stick of RAM does NOT mean the ram is good.

                           Marina Brown


On Fri, 07 Dec 2001, Jedi/Sector One wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 11:34:36PM +0100, Sentient Organism wrote:
> > |   We've a machine running OBSD 2.7 which does random reboots!
> > I saw that on 2.7 on one machine. There was a mention of a kernel
> > patch, but it's all a bit dim now.
>   Check the memory first.
>   Memtest86 is an excellent test : http://www.teresaudio.com/memtest86/
>   I experienced a similar behavior on an OpenBSD 3.0 and FreeBSD 4.4 box,
> because of bad RAM (although the RAM worked flawlessly before) .
>   Best regards,
>              -Frank.
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