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Re: Redundancy with OpenBSD

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 01:11:47PM -0600, Nicholas D. Buraglio -List account wrote:
> I'm looking at doing some kind of High Availability server setup for a 
> buisness.  They have suggested using Debian with a "heartbeat" 
> application that will switch over in case of a server failure.  they've 
> had some security issues with Debian in the past and I personally don't 
> know it.  I'd like to suggest some kind of OpenBSD solution.  Can anyone 
> give me a suggestion on a good way to do this in OpenBSD?

I used to work on a "heartbeat application" called heartbeat (in fact, I 
believe some of my code is still there) and I wouldn't know any reason why 
it should not compile on OpenBSD, maybe with minor changes. why not give it 
a try? the URL should still be http://www.linux-ha.org

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