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Re: iSCSI?

On Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 12:53:46PM -0500, Christian J Hedemark wrote:
> Steve asked:
> > Is there a project going to get iSCSI driver support into OpenBSD (or
> > any of the other *BSD\'s)?
> >
> > If not I assume I\'ll have to start one :-)
> I'm not a developer so I don't know how I can contribute to this right now.
> But I do believe that Intel has written some reference drivers and released
> them under a BSD license.  The other iSCSI software I know of is licensed
> under the GPL and thus would be incompatible with OpenBSD.

Lost the mail, but someone mentioned on this list that on sourceforge 
there's something done regarding iSCSI. Is this correct or am I mixing 
different things here?
Mentioning sourceforge: Stuff done/developed there is under GPL or is free?

Have gotten some other mail after my previous followup. 
I have to look into my own SCSI sources, when contributing them 
to an iSCSI implementation for OpenBSD then I should have no 
problem to put them under OpenBSD's free licence, no one paid 
the development. 
I need a bit time to double-check.

> It would be really great if OpenBSD supported iSCSI.  I'd love to see this
> happen.

Let's see...    ;-)

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