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Re: Master and Slave DNS Server

I have in the past ran a primary on an old 133amd with 64mb of ram with a secondary made from a salvaged sparc2 running 25 different domain names and not a single glitch or slow down, right now I have 147 domain names on a PII 400 with 128mb of ram pumping out 200Kbps all day and the uptime is 243 days with out incident or problem (my caching server is a P200 pro running dnscache), so I would say you should be fine forever and then some with your planned config, but hey if you have the bread why not. Overkill is good in most cases!!


At 07:03 PM 12/5/01 -0800, you wrote:
I just ordered a copy of v3.0, and I am looking forward to playing with
it at home.  My first project is a master and slave DNS server.

Literature I have read gives me the impression that for a single domain,
a simple PC will do.  In this case two, one for master, one for slave.
My home connection is dual T1, and I have other Linux and Windows
machines running.  My plan is to grab a pair of PII 300 machines on the
cheap, 256MB of RAM on each, ~8-10 GB 7200 RPM IDE drive plus a cheap
video card (Matrox G200/G400 comes to mind) and run OpenBSD on both with
BIND, SSH and ipchains (or whatever firewall runs on OpenBSD).  SSH
server will be used primarily for remote access via a Windows or Linux

Is this enough?  Overkill I do not mind, would prefer the Ethernet
connection (100BASET) and Internet connection (3Mbps up/3 Mbps down) to
limit performance rather than PC hardware.  Any suggestions or comments
would be most welcome.


Ed Ray

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