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Re: Bios for VALinux1000

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Daniel Ouellet wrote:

> Is anyone could tell me where I could get the BIOS upgrade from? Or at a
> minimum, the FLASH BIOS utility, so I could copy from a more recent server.

Did VA make their own motherboards, or use another vendor's? If the
latter, you could find who actually made the motherboard and check
their website. If the former, see who made the BIOS (look at the
logo on boot).

http://www.phoenix.com/pcuser/biosupgrades/bios_upgrades.html has links
to BIOS upgrades for AwardBIOS and PhoenixBIOS products.

Unicore (handling AwardBIOS products) has an app that'll examine
the BIOS and display relevant info at http://www.unicore.com/biosagent/.
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