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Re: ftp-proxy and pf.conf

Darren Reed wrote:
> > Forget about patents. The best way is to implement...
> Forgetting about patents means those who use OpenBSD with pf & ftp-proxy
> may be open to litigation from others because they're using an unlicensed
> implementation of the patent

I don't think warmongering is the right way.

Both, opensource and patents disclose stuff. Only does opensource (as a
general rule) give the products away for free. That's good.

Let's keep OpenBSD free from license blather as much as possible and
keep it just what it is: cool software.

It's almost unpossible to not infringe some weird patent (there are a
lot of weird patents). If a specific company feels like someone digs
off their profits, well, you can't bar them from doing it. The straight
way is to keep traffic (that is cvs, mailinglist, chitchat traffic...)
about this kind of stuff low and try to avoid infringement whenever
possible. Heck, tell them they can use this stuff *for free* :)

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