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re: Road runner trouble

This is a tutorial I wrote explaining how to install with a cable modem.  It is Road Runner specific.

Installing OpenBSD is relatively easy. If there is an confusion you can always refer to the FAQ text document at http://www.openbsd.org/faq/obsd-faq.txt. Just scroll all the way to the end of the text and you can see a printout of an actual installation. Follow it step by step if you need to.

Recently I learned that in order to configure your network adapter for cable modem using DHCP you must reset the power (or reset button) prior to your install or even during your install if you forget. Here is an example of what I consider to be an ordinary cable modem install with OpenBSD 2.7.

When you reach the part of the instalation that asks you to:

Configure the network [y] 
Type y [enter]

This will show your Ethernet adapter cards that OpenBSD has detected. I readin "Linux and OpenBSD fiewalls" that OpenBSD will detect 99% of the adapter cards that it support as of version 2.5. So I think its safe to say that if your card is not on the list you need to troubleshoot by swapping cards and slots using the process of elimination to figure out if its the card or the motherboard. Lets also make sure that if you have more than one card in there you understand which one is which. It will look something like this:

[ ] xl0 
[ ] fxp0 

The letters represent the different brand names and types of cards. If you have two or more cards that are identical they will be listed with the same letters and different numbers. The numbers will represent the slot number on your motherboard. Here again you may have to use the process of elimination to distinguish which one is connected to your cable modem. Don't worry this is easy just follow the next block of instructions and if you don't get a DHCP offer from your ISP via your cable modem then just simply plug the modem into the other Ethernet adapter.the other Ethernet adapter.

Configure which interface? (or, enter 'done') [xl0] (type whatever card you have connected to the cable modem) 

Next, the installation will ask for you IP address and in parentheses it will say (DHCP). This will be followed by symbolic host and netmask.

IP address (or 'dhcp')? (type dhcp)
Symbolic (host) name? (Whatever you want!) more info: (if you are building a firewall you may not want to call it firewall for security reasons). 
Netmask ? [] (just hit [enter])

Reset your modem now. If you did it before do it again (lol) can't hurt right?

You may get a chance to pick a specification for your adapter so if you need anything other than the default be sure to specify. then [enter]

When you get to here and your modem has been reset you should see a DHCP REQUEST followed by a DHCP OFFER and then you will get a screen saying that your adapter is configured. If for some reason this does not happen I think it could be one of three things.

1) Your link to the isp may be down (check you modem status lights).
2) The (correct) Ethernet adapter may not be connected to the cable modem.
3) Someone may have just given you some really bad directions on how to get your cable modem working.

Anyway, best of luck with it and feel free to contact me with any question or answers.


On Mon, 03 December 2001, Dave Taira wrote:

> On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Ben Pantced [BOFH] wrote:
> > Ok! This'll be my last question folks. Thanks for all your help so far! I
> > found out that my problem isnt anythin real technical...Roadrunner will
> > only let us stick 2 computers on here wituout chargin us extra, so my
> > question now is can I stick a router onto the cable modem then plug in
> > the computers from there? Would they just see that as 1 computer since
> > the router has its own IP? Just a thought, I dunno.  Thanks!Sean
> That should work. Set up pf, set up nat. As far as the outside world
> is concerned, you have one machine up and running. I've got a DSL
> connection with a single static IP, running NAT, with a win2k box
> and my laptop behind that.
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