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Re: Roadrunner trouble....

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Ben Pantced [BOFH] wrote:

> Ok! This'll be my last question folks. Thanks for all your help so far! I
> found out that my problem isnt anythin real technical...Roadrunner will
> only let us stick 2 computers on here wituout chargin us extra, so my
> question now is can I stick a router onto the cable modem then plug in
> the computers from there? Would they just see that as 1 computer since
> the router has its own IP? Just a thought, I dunno.  Thanks!Sean

That should work. Set up pf, set up nat. As far as the outside world
is concerned, you have one machine up and running. I've got a DSL
connection with a single static IP, running NAT, with a win2k box
and my laptop behind that.
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