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Re: launching a telnet server

At 01:12 AM 12/3/01, you wrote:
On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Quaker Oatmeal wrote:

> i have openbsd 2.9, i have tried uncommenting the telnet lines in inetd.conf
> and I also tried recompiling /usr/src/libexec/telnetd, when trying to run
> telnetd -debug I get 'command telnetd not found' I want to run a telnet
> server, what am I doing wrong?

A) Why do you want to run telnetd?
   Okay, it's your box, your business. I only ask because I haven't
   (in recent memory) heard a good answer to this question. Why allow
   unencrypted connections? Legacy OS support?

Unrelated, but for me I spent an 8 month term at a company that would allow me to telnet out to my home machine, but wouldn't allow me to ssh. I had to telnet to a telnet proxy and then telnet home from there. Because of the work I was doing I had to be using Windows, so for a couple things I used to make work easier, I kept a list of s/keys in my pocket and telneted home.

The reason for the whole telnet-only policy I believe had to do with their desire to be able to moniter empolyee communication, and ensure I didn't leak confidential information and blah blah stuff like that. They let me know up front, so it was fine by me. I'm sure my bullshitting with my friends over ICQ made for really interesting reading.

From what the OP described, I wonder if they HUP'd inetd?


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