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Re: launching a telnet server

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Quaker Oatmeal wrote:

> i have openbsd 2.9, i have tried uncommenting the telnet lines in inetd.conf
> and I also tried recompiling /usr/src/libexec/telnetd, when trying to run
> telnetd -debug I get 'command telnetd not found'  I want to run a telnet
> server, what am I doing wrong?

A) Why do you want to run telnetd?
   Okay, it's your box, your business. I only ask because I haven't
   (in recent memory) heard a good answer to this question. Why allow
   unencrypted connections? Legacy OS support?

B) Why do you want to run telnetd?
   That is, as opposed to letting inetd handle it. If you uncommented
   the appropriate inetd.conf lines, and HUP'ed inetd, you should be
   good to go (barring, say, ipf rules blocking telnet).

C) Is /usr/libexec in your path? That's where telnetd lives on my
   machine, and it's not in the default (csh) path.
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