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ppp "set server" only listen to ipv6 addresses?

I'm having problems with using pppctl.


 set log tun Chat command Phase IPCP Warning Error Alert

 set device "!/usr/sbin/pppoe -i rl1" 
 disable acfcomp protocomp vjcomp deflate pred1 ipv6cp
 set server +3000 <pass>
 deny acfcomp
 set mru 1492
 set mtu 1488
 set crtscts off
 set speed sync
 accept lqr
 set dial
 set login
 set timeout 0
 set authname <login>
 set authkey <pass>
 set ifaddr
 add default HISADDR
 disable dns

It seems like ppp is not listening
  kyber% pppctl 3000
  pppctl: cannot connect to socket 3000: Connection refused

  kyber% netstat -an |grep 3000
  tcp6       0      0  *.3000                 *.*                    LISTEN

but it does on an inet6 socket.

This is OpenBSD 3.0 from approximately October. I don't have any ipv6
stuff configured (except the default).

How can I make ppp listen to tcp4 *.3000?

A079 88E9 3617 838D ED65  A7D1 277D D529 DC80 5C44