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setup ppp as failover for ethernet

with the demise of @home, i spent the morning trying to find my ancient dialup modem.

i have a pretty standard home setup w/ openbsd: openbsd (2.9) box connected directly to cable modem, serving me and my roommates as firewall, nat, dhcp server, dns, etc.

i've never had to configure the openbsd box with a "regular" dialup modem. so hooking up my roommate's windows laptop to a 28.8 modem, i at least got to read the faq on ppp setup for openbsd.

however, i'm running into some problems. i think what i'm really looking for is something like how a user with openbsd on a laptop would have things configured, where at work, he's on an ethernet lan, but at home he's on a dialup modem. the only added difference in my case is that in both cases, the laptop is also doing ipf, nat, dhcpd and named.

for instance, when i followed the faq, i got:
    Warning: Add route failed: default already exists
after trying "route delete default" i now get
    Error: iface_inAdd: ioctl(SIOCAIFADDR): File exists
    Warning: set ifaddr: Failed 4

i'd like to figure out some way for my cable modem and dialup modem to co-exist in harmony. i'm assuming my cable modem service will resume someday, and when it does, i'd like to keep the dialup service ready in case my cable modem should die again.... sorry for the long ramble and thanks in advance for any help or pointers.

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