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RE: apache web server

You need to use redirect with /etc/ipnat.rules and also edit
/etc/ipf.rules to look as such


pass in quick on ne3 proto tcp from any to 192.168.0.X port = 80 flags
S/SA keep state (for web)

pass in quick on ne3 proto tcp from any to 192.168.0.X port = 22 (for
of course these rules can be tighter for example, on mine I only allow
ssh in from my work external ip address.


rdr ne3 port 80 -> 192.168.0.X port 80 (for web)

rdr ne3 port 22 -> 192.168.0.X port 22 (for ssh)

Because you are using ppoe I assume you are using dhcp from your
provider that is why the in the nat statements, if not put
your external ip address there. And also replace my ip addresses for the
inside with your own.

I am just about finish writing up a HOWTO to try and help on these
issues, I am trying to put every thing in idiot proof terms so guys and
gals in the same IQ group as I can undertand it, hehehehe. It will be
posted on the website below.


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he ho

i have an openbsd 2.9 with pppoe, ipnat and ipf for the client network.

now i tried to install apache httpd and from "inside" it is reachable
but from "rest of the world" i can only ping the server - no ssh and
especially no apache.

is there a problem with ipf?


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