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Re: apache web server

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, risa wrote:

> i have an openbsd 2.9 with pppoe, ipnat and ipf for the client network.
> now i tried to install apache httpd and from "inside" it is reachable
> but from "rest of the world" i can only ping the server - no ssh and
> especially no apache.
> is there a problem with ipf?

You need to provide more information. What does ipf.rules look like?
>From an outside host, if you `telnet server.example.com 80` (where
it's your outside IP you're trying to connect to), what do you get?
A timeout? Connection refused? What does /var/log/ipflog say?

Saying "it doesn't work, is something broken" isn't going to get you
a detailed analysis.
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