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Installing OpenBSD

Hi all,

I am new comer to this OpenBSD world and i tried to install OpenBSD on my i386 machine using CDROM,
first i copied all the packages from base.tgz to xserv.tgz including bsd, but when i tried to write a bootable CD using cdrom29.fs by using easy CD creator it says that it cant find boot disckette and asks me for DOS boot disc instead, i.e Autoexec.bat.

tried using FTP and HTTP says connection timed out even though i have
given my IP address, Gateway address nameserver address properly,(yeah
i found out that thru when i tried to install FreeBSD using FTP, even
though i am not a great fan of FreeBSD i tried it just to make sure that my IP details are correct.

Please any help would be immensely appreciated!! for giving me a chance to take part in this mailing list!
thank you again.

P.S I do know that i can get CD-ROM for $30 which is bootable, but i wanna try this out first until i get fed up. hope all understand that.

Thanx in Advance