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SiS 735 based motherboards & obsd 3.0

Hello all.

I seem to recall someone mentioning installing obsd 3.0 snapshot on a SiS 735 
based motherboard a while ago, so I figured I'd throw this out in case my 
memory was correct.

I attempted today to install 3.0 snapshot on a couple of home machines today. 
One of them was a 1.2 ghz Athlon system on a SiS 735 mobo. The boot process 
hangs directly after the floppy controller is detected.

Here's the specs:

1.2 ghz Athlon
Elitegroup K7S5A motherboard
256 Megs PC2100 DDR-SDRAM
3Com 3c905C-TX Fast Etherlink XL
20 gig Western Digital ata100 hd
NVidia Riva Ultra Vanta TNT2 card

If someone else DID indeed install a 3.0 snapshot on a SiS 735, would you 
please email me with what sort of hardware config you were using? I'd like to 
try to figure out why the boot process hangs (maybe a hardware conflict with 
some other card in the system?) before filling out a bug report.

Oh, 2.9 worked fine on this system, although I am currently runing FreeBSD 
4.4 on it.



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