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Getting source from 2.8CD

I've tried about three different ways to get the source ... I have the 2.8 
CD set, and successfully installed on 3 different systems.
The following *haven't* worked for me:

(1) instructions on the CD case say to "cd /usr/src" then "tar xvf 
/mnt/src.tar.gz".  My cd is mounted on /mnt/cdrom, so
I try "tar xvf /mnt/cdrom/src.tar.gz"  I also try this using a "-" in front 
of xvf.  There is a 79MB file called src.tar.gz, but
I get error messages such as "cannot identify format" "CPIO file name 
length 31774 is out of range" "File name in header is corrupted"
I get several hundred lines of these error messages and no source files are 
copied to disk. I've tried this on two different systems, so I don't think 
my hardware is bad.

(2) I'm working from a book "Building Linux & OpenBSD Firewalls". It is 
based on 2.5 and says the sources are on CD1 in the sys directory. I don't 
see that directory on 2.8

(3) The instructions at www.openbsd.org/anoncvs.html on copying the CVS 
tree from the CD, say to use
"cd /mnt; pax -rw CVS Makefile [a-z]* /usr/src"
When I run that I get an error message about "unable to access CVS and 
Makefile", then I think it copies all the cd files to /usr/src.
But it doesn't expand the src.tar, so that's no good.

I just want to get the source so I can re-compile the kernel and make some 
minor changes, and also patch up to -stable.
I have good Internet connectivity at work and none at home.

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