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Re: Putting together a server/network...

On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 05:14:13PM +0000, Local Union 824 wrote:
> Hello...
> I have a question that someone may be able to help
> me with.  I am designing a network using oBSD for
> all of the servers.  Below is a layout of how I am
> wanting to set it up.
>                               Internet
>                                  |
>                         ADSL dhcp connection
>                                  |
>                             oBSD 2.7 box
>                        (bunker.local824.com)
>                                  |
>                                  |
>        [------------------------hub--------------------------]
>           |                      |                        |
>        oBSD 2.7            oBSD 2.7                    oBSD 2.7
>   crup.local824.com     liquid.local824.com         user.local824.com
>    (192.168.x.x)          (192.168.x.x)                (192.168.x.x)
What's wrong with OpenBSD 2.9? Quite some bugs are fixed since 2.7 I
> What I am looking to do is allow all the boxes access
> to users.  example.... http://liquid.local824.com or
The users are connected to the same hub/switch?
> ftp://liquid.local824.com will goto box #2 behind the
> firewall router.  If a user types http://user.local824.com
> or telnet/ssh to user.local824.com it will goto box
> #3.  What I need it someone to tell me what is needed to
> do this setup.  Do I need 2 of the boxes running BIND
> and use them as the DNS servers instead of my my ISP's
> DNS server.  I want more that using apache's virtual
You could just setup bind on one or two boxes, and make one master for
local824.com. Just configure them as DNS servers for all computers on
the localnet, and make them forward to your ISP's DNS servers.
> hosting as i want telnet, ssh, ftp, http, mail and a
> future bbs to hit the box when keyed in.
> I only have one public IP from the ADSL so all internal
> boxes will be internal IP's using NAT.
As long as you don't want inbound connections, it's all easy. If you
want to serve inbound connections from the internet too, you'll prolly
have to some port forwarding (rdr keyword for ipnat).
> If anyone can help provide
> info on setting this up it will be greatly appreciated.
The various manual pages.
http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/ (contains
some stuff that applies to OpenBSD too, _not_ the ipfw/NAT/bind8
specific stuff)
Just to name a few... feel free to google yourself for specific
information, or to ask more questions (on list or private) (_after_ you RTFMed)

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> Personal:        alson_(_at_)_flutnet_(_dot_)_org        <
> School:       alson_(_at_)_gymnasiumleiden_(_dot_)_nl    <
Was that your directory?