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Re: fdisk question

At 12:53 25.10.01 +1000, jano <NJanos_(_at_)_csansw_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_au> wrote:
>However, I have a few
>thinks in my mind, e.g. to rsync some files from the production boxes.
>If you think, that i could more effectively slice-up the bds disk partition,
>please let me know  Any suggestion is welcome as I am a new to this Unix

Some weeks (or months) ago it was suggested to stick with the faq
and keep root pretty small on usual installations while /usr and/or
/var and/or /tmp and/or /home could be huge, depending on what you 
do with the box. So, I was interested why you would need 2 GB for 

Also, my (stand alone) office box contains just the base install 
which takes no more than about 300 MB  for /, /usr/, /var, however,
about 2 GB for /home (my fortran sources) and an almost 8 GB 
separate data partition. At home, winnt and OpenBSD share the 4.1 
GB drive from a notebook.

I can't advise/ guide for your intentions, however, there are many 
experienced users, sysads and developers joining this list. 

PS. Pls, adjust to 72 chars.

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