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ISAKMPD and DHCP Newbie: Don't shoot


I'm trying to setup an @home cable modem to our office using IPSEC and OpenBSD 2.9. I have DHCP running fine and actually have a nice little home gateway running (bye-bye D-Link and Linksys...thank god)...

Anyway, I looked through a number of threads and have found just a couple of instances of my scenario. One gentleman mentioned removing the Local-ID directive and another mentioned removing "Listen on =" in the isakmpd.conf file. That's all well and good. What do I do after that?

I noticed that in the [Phase 1] directive in isakmpd.conf there seems to be static IP there. What is done here when DHCP is used? If someone could shed just a little light on this for me it would be appreciated. Maybe a sample config similar to the East/West stuff in 2.9. Also I need to know what IP filters to set in my firewall as well. Basically the whole enchilada....

Dave Cook

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