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Re: Sparc Ultra 1 installation

Stein Børge Sylvarnes wrote...
> I can get hold of an Ultra 1 box, but no keyboard/monitor. Unfortunately, I
> have next to none experience with Sun boxes :(
> IIRC there is some sort of "seial console" on these boxes, is it possible
> to connect the Ultra to a PC with a null-modem cable and preform the
> installation via a terminal program such as cu or kermit?

Yes there is indeed a serial console. And for the UltraSparc port (sparc64)
there is no framebuffer support as of yet, so you'd have to use the serial
port anyway once it's installed.

On the back of the Ultra1 it is the 25 pin connector labeled "A" (upper
connctor, the one under it is "B")

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