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wd0b: id not found...

   I've installed OBSD 2.9 on a i486 100MHz with 7MB RAM and a 603 MB
HDD. It all went smoothly until reboot, where i got this message:

'<date & time> <hostname> savecore: reboot after panic: pmp_remove_pte:
unmanaged page marked PG_PVLIST'

   Then this message 5 times:

'wd0b:  id not found reading fsbn 98365 of 98239-98366 (wd0 bn 1232784:
cn 1223 tn 0 sn 0), retrying'

and a 6th time without saying '..., retrying'. After saying this it goes
'savecore: /dev/rwd0b: Input/output error'
'savecore: WARNING: core may be incomplete'

   Finally it goes well until 'preserving editor files' where it stays
for (at least) twenty (20) minutes. I searched geocrawler and came out
   Can anyone explain this behavior please?

-= Nicolás Conde - SSAA =-
-=  nconde_(_at_)_fing_(_dot_)_edu_(_dot_)_uy  =-

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