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Wireframe T-Shirt fun

Hi all,

I just had to share this with you guys. Sorry for wasting your
precious bandwidth ;)

Today I was at an event here in The Netherlands. This event was
completely unrelated to OpenBSD, *BSD, UNIX or computers. It was the
price ceremony for the "Dutch Air Tour" (DAT) - a rally in which
contestants fly over Holland for fun and sports, searching for sites
by pictures you got in your DAT-package.

As it happened, I was wearing my OpenBSD wireframe daemon T-Shirt (the
one with one big daemon on it). We were discussing the flight as
someone suddenly approached me asking if I ever used OpenBSD. He said
he had noticed me by my T-shirt and explained that his company worked
with OpenBSD a lot. I told the guy that yes, I do run OpenBSD; as a
matter of fact, I run several different types on Unix, also NetBSD and
Linux and commercial unices.

He told me he was looking for people with OpenBSD expertise to join
his company and asked me if I already had a job. And again I answered
that yes, I do have a job but it's kind of unfullfilling. So he ended
up giving me his name, phone number and company name (including the
mandatory website ;) asking me to please think about it and contact
him if I was interested.

After he left and our party discussed this fun phenomenon I realised I
had heard of his company before, but I couldn't put my finger on where
that was.

I left with my brother-in-law for home and dropped him off at his
work. Here one of his employees immediately notices my T-shirt and
just *HAS* to have one. Does not have a clue what OpenBSD means. Does
not care about that. Must have the T-Shirt. So I promised her to fix
her up with one ;)

As I returned home and read misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org it hit me - some of the
colleagues of the man I met have posted several times to the openbsd
lists with Dutch sounding names, that's where I heard (read) it ! 

Moral of this story :

Wear OpenBSD shirts - they'll get you jobs and chicks dig'em.
Also, you get nice comments from people (ranging form "nice t-shirt"
to "hey you dig OpenBSD too ?") wherever you go.

Thanks you guys !

Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd

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