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RE: Name of OpenBSD daemon

well said Alex-

we are special baby!

this thread reminds me in a small way about
all those times you want to scream at personnel
and customers alike something along the lines of,
"welcome to the internet baby, read the aup and shutup. <click>"

now where's my top terminal dangit

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Sent: Monday, October 15, 2001 4:54 PM
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Subject: Re: Name of OpenBSD daemon

A beautiful example of a rtetorical question:

Is this mailinglist about OpenBSD or the tiny
tender souls of some hypocritical 'believers'?

See it this way: God has intented misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org
as a source of develish communication and kicking
on the souls of real humans to test you all!
So, you should not try to convert the unbelievers
and fix the injustice, but pass this ordeal silently
with your belief still unshaken. Amen.
(source: free interpretation of the bible God's)

> > 1. Name "The Devil Himself" is SUXX. Sorry. Correct is
> > "The daemon himself" If You, Theo, dont understand and/or dont respect
> > Christians, so thats you problems... I am, and everyone respect you
> > so respect other people.
> > daemons is normal... BUT "The Devil Himself"... I have no words for
> I don't care.
> > 2. In you mind I am an idiot, and as you like to say "... an asshole".
> > guy, that opened this topic is too... Think about it. You are not a
> > Even if you are a leader of OpenBSD project.
> > Theo, you are a NOT idiot, you are the most clever hacker in the world!
> I don't care.
> > 3. I was a better mind about you Theo... :(
> I don't care.
> Please take your fundamentalism elsewhere.  Perhaps you should enroll in
> army, and go on a crusade or something.


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