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floppy eject crash on sparc?

it appears i can consistently make an OpenBSD 2.9/sparc system crash using
the command 'eject -f /dev/fd0'. the command pauses the system for ruffly
20 seconds, then dumps in to the kernel debugger.

just before the dump, this is logged:

Oct 13 10:35:34 mongoloid /bsd: fd0: timeout: state 7
Oct 13 10:35:34 mongoloid /bsd: fdc: spurious interrupt: state 8, istate=3

<mild editing>

Oct 13 10:42:23 mongoloid savecore: reboot after panic: fdcintr: spurious
interrupt can't be cleared
Oct 13 10:42:23 mongoloid savecore: writing core to /var/crash/bsd.1.core
Oct 13 10:43:19 mongoloid savecore: writing kernel to /var/crash/bsd.1

this has been tested, and restested. i've been able to do this 3 times on
this machine alone. if anyone wants the dump and core information, please
contact me, and i'll post it somewhere.

sadly, i could not get the ps and trace data from the kernel debugger.

-- jan

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