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dev_mkdb and hard disk problem

Hello everyone

i'm new to openBSD and i tried to install OpenBSD 2.9 on a Pentium90 with 8Mo de RAM and 3 Go of hard disk, cdrom, noo sound card, ati mach 64 video.

I have done the installation, quiet cool, and i reboot.
It's here that problems begin:
first the boot (and all others) is extremly slow, more than five or ten minutes.
With analyzing the "slow process", i identify the dev_mkdb and sendmail.

i booted in single user, put no sendmail in rc.conf, and try to launch manually dev_mkdb. but it do nothing or more precisely nothing visible. i let the computer worked on dev_mkdb during more than 4 hours and i finally stop it. result: no /var/run/dev.db ...

i turn off the dev_mkdb in /etc/rc
and i booted. the computer managed to go to the clock display and there is a timeout with this message.

wd0(pciide0:0:0) timeout
      type: ata
      c_bcount: 4096
      c_skip: 0

sometimes, the bc_count is at 1024 or 57344.

The hard disk hasn't had any problems with windows or linux. basic fsck don't show errors except the ones of bad reboot.

I don't know if it's because OpenBSD lacks of memory or a more complicated hard disk problems.

Has anyone an idea to help me ?

thanks a lot


               Julien Touche, french engineer student

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