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New user here, setting up a firewall/nat box

Hi, I just got OpenBSD 2.9 installed the other day, it went quite well 
actually. Even got XFree86-4.0.3 running. Only trouble was getting the mouse 
to work, which is now working (it's an older logitec serial mouse). I guess 
it wasn't too difficult because I am familiar with FreeBSD (I have 3 fbsd 
boxes here at home and 1 at work), that probably gives me a bit of an edge 
over a complete newbie. 
Anyway, I am going through the FAQ section 6.3 about setting up NAT and am 
wondering about the paragraph on IPF, which states "This is easy, just edit 
/etc/rc.conf and change ipf=NO to ipf=YES." When I look at /etc/rc.conf I see 
a line that says IPFILTER=YES. I assume that is the same as ipf=YES as in the 

Chip W.