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Re: Keyboard

At 10:11 10.10.01 GMT, Csaba Bobak wrote:
>> Can't confirm your problems. Both
>> # echo de.nodead > /etc/kbdtype
>> or
>> # wsconsctl -w keyboard.encoding=de.nodead
>> worked for me in snapshots from Oct 7.
>OK, I am sure it works with the german layout but the error messages 
>differ when I try 'hu' (which exists) and then I try 'xx' (which does not 

Sorry to have been unclear. This was sent as as reply on the 
'Re: Keyboard' subject (both the mails from Markus Hubig and 
Fridtjof Busse described problems with the German keyboard).

It was not intendend as a reply on the 'Re: SV: Keyboard' subjetc
which dealt with the hu keyboard.