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Firewall works, except for accessing one website [www.babycenter.com]

Details: Openbsd v2.8, ADSL modem, two nics [one to the modem, the other to a switched hub]. PPPoE. My ISP assigns my IP via DHCP. Configuration files listed below. 

I've set my firewall up with a very basic ipf.rules & ipnat.rules [details to follow below]. I can visit most every website available, except for ww.babycenter.com, which of course is one of my wife's favourite sites.  My DNS is working fine, and using the IP for www.babycenter.com also times out. I asked
a friend of mine who is with the same ISP [also using ADSL, but with no firewall] to test access to the website, and he can view it fine. I can also
view www.babycenter.com from my firewall directly using lynx [which doesn't help my wife, since she prefers a graphical browser from her windoze pc].  I will really appreciate any feedback at this point, because I'm stumped. 

# cat ipnat.rules
map tun0 -> tun0/32 portmap tcp/udp 1:60000
map tun0 -> tun0/32 

#cat ipf.rules
pass in from any to any
pass out from any to any

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