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Re: internal compiler error or I am doing something wrong?


it focuses on linux but applies to OpenBSD as well (i'm assuming you're using


On Thu, 4 Oct 2001 12:31:27 +0200, Mitja Pirih said:

> Hi,
>  I'm new to this mailing list and also to OBSD. I'm working on OBSD 2.9 on a
>  Cyrix 6x86M2 (M2) 171MHz with 32MB RAM. It is working fine as firewall, but
>  now I have to setup a mail server. I was trying to compile qmail, I followed
>  the instructions read the FAQ but I can't solve my problem. I receive an
>  Internal compiler error 11. I try to compile somethig in ports typing make
>  install and I receive the same error. What I am doing wrong?
>  Regards,
>  Mitja