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booting problem w/ OpenBSD 2.9

Hello all,

  I am new to this list so first of all I would like to ask you to point 
to a good archive.
And if I write this I put my question:
I have just installed OpenBSD 2.9 to a HP NsetServer E40 with http (not 
from CDROMs for I have not possess them - let me ask a hungarian 
list-reader if any to contact me regarding the CDs). It succeeded, I 
could boot it from SCSI disk. After that I put an IDE disk in the 
computer and it caused a strange problem: OpenBSD fails to boot now. The 
computer makes the self-test and the SCSI scan, then the screen clears, a 
text cursor appears at the top left and all stops. If I remove the IDE 
disk I can boot successfully again. The IDE disk is slave, there is an 
IDE CDROM on the same cable as master. They are on HDD2. HDD1 is empty. 
Please help me, I need that second disk.


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