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Re: sparc station 5

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 12:57:53PM -0700, Michael Wahle wrote:
> I currently have OpenBSD running on a Sparc 2
> and a Sparc 5.  The first thing I noticed was
> the speed of loading OpenBSD ~with~ all of the
> packages from the cd offered.  I think it took
> like 30 minutes on each system to get loaded
> and running.

Loading as in "installing"?? What verision of OpenBSD? I'm asking,
'cause I've recently installed 2.9 on an IPX, an LX and an SS2, using
ftp, NFS and hard drive install - and all three of them took *ages* -
we're talking > 2 hours here. All three boxes had between 32MB
and 64MB memory and drives in the region of 1-2GB. I remember that
this was mentioned either on this list or on sparc@, but I don't
remember a solution for the problem.


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