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Bridge help

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to simulate an open BSD machine as a
bridge and have been running into all 
kinds of problems. 

The things I  have tried and the results.

  I have 2 NIC cards in the machine. I have assigned
each of the NIC cards a different IP address and
connected them to different networks. The bridge does
not forward packets from one network to another.
If  NIC card1 has Ip address  and NIC 2
has IP address has, packets from any
machine on the 10 network are not sent to the machines
on the 20 network and vice versa.

I have tried it with not assigning IP address to the
NIC cards, it works in the case all the machines are
on the same IP network. (if all are on 10 network )   

I do not know if I need to  assign an IP address to
the bridge interface ? If yes please tell me how i can
do this. 

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