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Something strange with ports and libpng

I don't succeed to either build Eterm from the ports, nor install it
from a package.

Both complains about a missing shared png lib :

"ld: no shared -lpng.1.10 available" is all what i get when i issue a

The Eterm binary package install fine, but the program doesn't run
either :

"ld.so: Eterm: libpng.so.1.10: No such file or directory"

Of course, i have libpng on my box (it has been installed as a
dependency of the gkrellm port, and other progs, like emacs use
it). The problem is that the current port version is png-1.0.12 and
this stupid Eterm want png-1.0.10... which i can't install since
1.0.12 is still there.

Well, i'm gonna try to built it by hand (and, BTW, the last version is
0.9) to see if it's better.
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