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dual boot win2k + openbsd 2.9


I have an Ibm thinkpad A21P, with win2000 (25gb) installed in the last
partition on the 30gb disk.
In the first partition (5gb) I have installed openBSD. I have accessed the
openbsd partition, and I did run the: dd if=/dev/rwd0c of=/mnt/openbsd.pbr
bs=512 count=1 after I mounted my msdos diskette. Then I copied the file to
my c:\ on windows, and added the c:\openbsd.pbr="Open BSD" to boot.ini.
But when I´m trying to boot the openbsd partition the nt-boot-menu just
comes right back to me.
Anyone have any idea?
I did read the manuals, but it didn´t solve the problem.