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Re: SS20 Data Store Error

On Saturday, September 22, 2001, at 08:20 PM, Miod Vallat wrote:

I installed 2.9 on a new (to me) SS20. Everything was good until I
installed 3 new 32M memory sticks. It rebooted and was working fine
until it suddenly went into a kernal panic. It turned out that 1 of the
sticks was not properly seated. I reseated all three new ones and
turned it back on, but now it won't let me reboot; instead I get a
message Data Store Error. Since I can't even get OpenBSD working, this
is more of a hardware issue, but I'm hoping that someone can tell me how
to clear the error. I'm guessing that I can remove and reseat all the
memory and that the error will clear, but I'm not sure.

Have you made sure your simms are in the correct (lowest numbered) slots and in ascending sizes order?


Thanks to all who replied. Before I wrote, I went to Sun Docs and MemoryX.com (which has good instructions on the order to install dsimms). As it turned out a previous owner had randomly installed 2 64M dsimms along with 3 32M dsimms. I put 1 in slot j201 and left the other in slot j303. Also found another unseated dsimm. Lesson: always check used equipment. Again, thanks.


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