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Trashed wd0 boot block...

I'm very embarrassed to have to ask this question at all, much less on
an OpenBSD list, but perhaps someone has been where I am before and
can save me...

In my efforts to get OpenBSD on my intel box (I've been having
problems with compatibility with scsi cards and such), I thought it
would be worthwhile installing it on the second IDE drive in the
system, a small drive not used by its most frequent Windows ME user
(my wife)...  Installation was successful, and I can boot up fine, but
I managed to trash the boot block of the windows boot disk in the

When I used the windows ME fdisk program (from the windows boot
floppy), there were three partitions, where there should have been
only one. I deleted them, and created a single primary dos
partition. But the machine now complains there is no operating
system. Someone told me to try fdisk /mbr, but that doesn't help. I
believe that the bootblock all that has been changed. I used strings
</dev/wd0c | more from OpenBSD to see if there was still data on the
disk disk had been erased, and it does look like it's there, I hope in
an uncorrupted state. So:

1) Is there a way to just fix the boot block without making things worse?
2) Is there a way to mount the disk from OpenBSD, so I can copy the
important files and reinstall windows (not looking forward to this).
3) Am I screwed???

Thanks in advance for any advice. Probably best to send it to me
directly, since this is not a windows OS list.

Once again, my apologies for taking up your time with this, but I'm
really a windows know nothing.


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