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Re: Multi processor System

On Mon, Sep 17, 2001 at 12:59:17AM +0100, Daniel MD wrote:
> At 00:46 17-09-2001 +0200, you wrote:
> >On Sun, Sep 16, 2001 at 10:11:07PM +0100, Daniel MD wrote:
> > > At 12:51 16-09-2001 -0400, you wrote:
> > > >It sounds a little strange that you are starting from a critera of
> > > >"must support multi-processor" for what you called an "Entry level web
> > > >server".  Usually, you should start from the task you are attempting
> > > >to accomplish, not start by spec'ing out the hardware.
> > > OH, sorry for not explaining my problem.
> > > Well, from what i have seen this can only be called an entry level web
> > > server, and the question i had was about support for multi-processor, the
> > > task i am attempting to accomplish is to set up a web server for my
> > > company, and host a couple of web sites for my clients, my main problem is
> > > that most web sites will be pretty large, because they are FLASH animation
> > > intensive, (i know it becomes more of a bandwith problem than a CPU 
> > problem).
> >This flash crap doesn't take more CPU cycles than any other same sized file
> >on the server. CPU is absolutely no issue on most servers.
> I did not say it did, but simply increases the load on the CPU I/O, plus it 
> makes the pages very slow to load, and takes up allot of bandwidth, which 
> means fewer request are being serviced.

The file size has nearly no impact on cpu usage. it's mainly a ram issue.

> > > In the same system i have to run a graphical workstation environment
> > > (win2k), to create the Flash Content,  Photoshop, 3D Studio Graphics, and
> > > some Audio files.
> >That's the most absurd nonsense I've ever heard.
> >Use two machines. As an added benefit, this will be cheaper than your dual
> >athlon setup.
> Well i will have to do some cost research but i think you are wrong on this one

Surely not. The mobo sells for 300$ or so, registered DDR-SDRAM is
everything but cheap, plus you need a special Power Supply. A usual
mainboard should sell for less than 150$, SDRAM is cheap (even Infineon),
usual Athlons and especially Durons are cheaper than Athlon MPs.

> > > T1 Line
> > > Dual Athlon 1.2GHz (i'm going AMD because of the price/performance, i 
> > don't
> > > have the cash to spend on Xeon processors)
> > > Tyan Motherboard (AMD 760 MP chipset, ServerWorks chipsets are too rich 
> > for
> > > my blood, and all other "server" motherboards are just to expensive).
> > > 512-1024Mb DDR Ram (Rambus is just too expensive)
> > > Wacom A4 Tablet (pricey but well worth the money)
> > > VMware (UNIX,Win2k)
> > > OR
> > > A good P4 Intel Box.
> >Absoluteluy nonsense. Get two AMD Duron based machines with usual SDRAM and
> >IDE disks. Overall faster and cheaper than your solution, and far more
> >reliable.
> Well i tend to doubt that, especially in the faster and more reliable part, 
> and cheaper hum as i said i will have to double check that.

What??? A Dual Athlon 1200 system isn't as fast as two Athlon 1200 systems.
Not nearly. This hasn't anything to do with the athlon, that's just the
nature of dual machines.
and believe me this is far more reliable than such crude VMware hacks.

> >You may use an older P200 or so, if you don't play dirty games
> >with very inefficient genereated dynamic content this one should easily
> >saturate a T1 link. I once did a test with OpenBSD on a much to small
> >system, a P120 (this was nearly OK) and 32 MB RAM (should use much more). It
> >could easily saturate a 10MBit/s link with static content (10000 files of 1k
> >size or so, random choosen).
> Now this is really good information, could you send me the test results, i 
> am interested in the traffic barrier, wend does bandwidth became a problem, 
> that hardware cannot solve.

Oh, this is long time ago, was with OpenBSD 2.6 or 2.7, can't remember.
Don't have the results stored.

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