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Re: Multi processor System

At 10:11 PM +0100 9/16/01, Daniel MD wrote this lot:

I need a web server to run multiple web sites, my own site and a couple of my clients sites, all sites are Flash Intensive, and my site has dynamic page creation, backed by a database (not to large).

In the same system i have to run a graphical workstation environment (win2k), to create the Flash Content, Photoshop, 3D Studio Graphics, and some Audio files.

Everyone has given you good advice.

If I may wax heretical for a moment:

Apple makes some pretty awesome systems, and their top of the line dual processor(not that I'd get one) system with OS X Server pre-installed with unlimited connection license is just under $5000.00 cdn.

OS X is based upon the freeBSD kernel crossed with the mach Kernel it would appear. It runs either the apple ported Apache, which it comes with, or the *BSD Apache. It will also run nearly any X Windows app out of the box with the addition of an X windows server (XTools from Tenon.com for example).

Also, you get 100% access to both the newer OS X applications and older OS 9.x applications. Amongst which you will find a wealth of web authoring tools, most of which you will probably find easier to use and more reliable than their WinX counter parts.

The beauty of such a setup is that you don't HAVE to emulate anything. NO fiddling, no farting about. Everything runs on one machine, as designed.

Still, Personally, I NEVER run my servers as workstations.

OS X server, plus an iMac with Max RAM, about $7000 cdn. Reliable? Not as good as openBSD, but pretty darn close.
Ease of administration and use? 9/10 (openBSD pkg_tools are WAY better than OS X packages).

Okay, I've waxed heretical, now you may crucify me.

But, before you do, my web server is openBSD, stand alone, P133, with weenie 64M RAM. Yup, it sucks, but it cost me nothing and it more than serves the 10M line I've got it hung on. At least, so far! It gets about 6,000 hits per day according to the log entries.
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