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Re: US Congress already discussing bans on strong crypto (fwd)

On Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 09:25:48AM -0700, Mark Grimes wrote:
> Who else is going to lead the war on terrorism?  I mean sure there
> have been other bombings in the free world, but in a couple days time
> have you ever seen an investigation or a retribution effect to the
> size the US is trying to bring on?  I haven't.

Uhm, no offense, but exscuse me?
Oh right, I guess Spain, France, U.K, Ireland, Germany etc etc are doing absolutely nothing.
Just because it isn't covered 24/7 on american news channels dont mean they dont do anything.

> I watch the world news and don't see anything from other countries
> other than picking up the broken pieces and moving on.  If the US
> took an an effort to the size because of a French bombing, wouldn't
> the US simply get blamed for sticking their nose into other peoples
> problems?

Because you CANT win against terrorism. You can bomb and attack and infiltrate all you want,
you still will not win.
These people have absolutely nothing to lose and as long as it stays that way
there will always be terrorists.

> I lost a friend in WTC #2 -- so perhaps my answers are slightly
> biased, but I'm looking for some ass-kicking right about now.  I'm
> more angry right now than I am upset.  

Quite understandable but that ass-kicking is more likely to create even more
terrorists than ending terrorism.